Contact the Clerk

You can contact the Clerk of the Council as follows:

Ashley Comiskey Dawson
Handforth P.C.
The Youth Centre
Old Road

Tel: 01625 523330

or via the contact form

Member Contact Details

StationThe contact information of elected members is a matter of public record and the public should be able to contact members if they wish.

Most Councils prefer contact to be made through the Clerk and this can be highlighted in the box on the right.

Members are subject to various pieces of legislation and undergo training in order to be competant. To learn more about training please see page 55 of the Good Councillors Guide.

Making the Clerk the point of contact ensures that matters are dealt with appropriately and within the timescales laid down by the Freedom of Information Act and the Information Commissioner.


Please click on a members name to read their Declarations of Interest

Name Ward Telephone Email
Cynthia Margaret Samson (Chair) East 01625 250427
John Michael Smith (Vice Chair) East 01625 523330
Ian Henry Clark South 01625 531716
Brian Victor Tolver South 01625 522342
Kerry Louise Burgess West 01625 523330
Kerry Jane Sullivan (Planning Chair) West 07930 312030
Michael Keith Thompson West 01625 251069

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