PaddockThe Freedom of Information Act (Model Publication Scheme 2008) requires councils to maintain an inventory of all the information that it holds and make this information available through its website.

There is no definative list of documents because every parish is different in the services that it provides but there are some standard documents which govern the conduct of the council:




Standing Orders incorporating Code of Conduct - May 2018

Projects List 2018/19

Privacy Policy -2018

Grant Awarding Policy - Feb 2018

Grant Application Form - Organisations

Representations to the Draft CIL Charging Schedule - November 2017

Community Infrastructure Levy - Draft Charging Schedule - October 2017

Transport Assessment Review: Land Between Clay Lane and Sagars Road - September 2017

Aboricultural Report: Land Between Clay Lane and Sagars Road - September 2017

Newsletter - Summer 2017

Document Retention Policy 2017

Data Protection Policy 2017

Risk Assessment 2017

Supported Bus Service Review 2017 - Consultation

Supported Bus Service Review 2017 - Information Booklet

Hampers of Hope: Foodbank and Job Club Policy - December 2016

Projects List - 2017/18

Cheshire East Local Plan - Options for access arrangements: Clay Lane / Sagars Road

Planning Consultant's Report - October 2016

Press and Media Policy - Oct 2016

Planning & Environment Committee - Terms of Reference - Oct 2016

Finance Committee - Terms of Reference - Oct 2016

CCTV Policy - Sept 2016

Ecology Report (July 2014)

HPC Representation to the CEC Local Plan Strategic Document

Freedom of Information Act Inventory

Complaints Procedure - Oct 2013

Financial Regulations - May 2013

Freedom of Information Act

Openness and Transparency on Personal Interests - A Guide for Councillors 2012

Standards and Pecuniary Interests Guidelines 2012

Governance Toolkit 2009

Freedom of Information Act - Model Publication Scheme 2008

Powers and Duties of Parish Councils


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